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The Catalog > CD: Heaven On My Mind
CD: Heaven On My Mind

Price: $10.00

18 songs written, sung, and dedicated by John to Mom, Pop, and Bill of the original Pickering Family Quartet of which John alone remains.

  1. Jesus Is My Dearest Friend
  2. Only Jesus
  3. Heaven On My Mind
  4. Beyond Each Calvary
  5. I’ll Be Alright (Till Jesus Comes For Me)
  6. Is This The Hill?
  7. When I Fall Asleep
  8. Knowing Him
  9. Be Happy With What You’ve Got
  10. He Cleansed My Heart
  11. Send Out The Reapers
  12. From My Heart To You
  13. Jesus The Carpenter
  14. Behold The Man, The Lamb, The King!
  15. God’s Love Unchanging
  16. Help Me See Them With Your Eyes
  17. Songs About Jesus
  18. When You Pray