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The Catalog > Cassette/LP/LELP: Buddy Holly & The Picks: The Original Chirping Sound!
Cassette/LP/LELP: Buddy Holly & The Picks: The Original Chirping Sound!

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TITLE:  Buddy Holly & The Picks The Original Chirping Sound!



Released 1986: Pick Records; PA 1111; 1986; USA



This album contains 10 songs; 9 by Buddy Holly, backed by The Picks, plus an original tribute song written and sung by John Pickering: "Buddy Holly Not Fade Away".


Overdubbed Holly solos included are:

1. Love Me

2. Don't Come Back Knockin'

3. Midnight Shift

4. Blue Days-Black Nights

5. Girl On My Mind

6. Ting-A-Ling

7. Rock Around With Ollie Vee

8. Modern Don Juan

9. You Are My One Desire



·        This is the "White" album. All of these songs were later included on the 1992 "Blue" album. However, this collectible album was the first-ever "Buddy Holly & the Picks" album containing 1984 overdubs.

·        This album was released in response to Bill Pickering's last request of January 25, 1985.

·        The LP release consisted of Regular copies (originally 4500) and numbered Limited Edition copies (originally 500).

·        All LP releases contain a 12-page picture booklet, which is unsigned in Regulars, but signed by John Pickering and Bob Lapham (original "Picks") in the 500 numbered and sealed Limited Edition albums.

·        There is also a cassette of the same album, and all formats were sold nationally and internationally in 1986.

·        Copies of all three formats are currently available in limited quantities.

·        When ordering, designate Cassette, Regular LP or Limited Edition LP.


Limited Edition Numbered LP: $25 (Signed by John Pickering and Bob Lapham)

Regular LP with booklet: $20

Cassette: $10