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The Catalog > CD/LP/Cassette: Buddy Holly & The Picks: "The Voices of The Crickets"
CD/LP/Cassette: Buddy Holly & The Picks: "The Voices of The Crickets"

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TITLE:  Buddy Holly & The Picks: “The Voices of The Crickets”


Released 1992: Pick Records; PR 2221; 1992; 24 tracks; "Blue" USA release



This album was used for TV promotion and as the parent album for foreign releases. Some unopened copies are still available on CD, dual LP and cassette. Only 1000 of each format were manufactured, and there will be no more. Currently available only at this Web site and The Buddy Holly Center at Lubbock, Texas.



CD: $20

Dual LP: $30

Cassette: $10




Album songs are: 

1. True Love Ways

2. Everyday

3. Love Me

4. Don't Come Back Knockin'

5. You're So Square

6. Reminiscing

7. Peggy Sue

8. Well - All Right

9. Midnight Shift

10. Blue Days - Black Nights

11. That's What They Say

12. Rock-A-Bye-Rock

13. Heartbeat

14. Girl On My Mind

15. Ting-A-Ling

16. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down

17. It's Not My Fault

18. Rock Around With Ollie Vee

19. You Are My One Desire

20. Because I Love You

21. Modern Don Juan

22. Words

23. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

24. Buddy Holly Not Fade Away (Tribute by John Pickering)



·        The last 3 songs are by The Picks only.

·        Inside the dual LP is a divider - session-data picture sheet.

·        This is believed to be the last ever dual LP containing the voice of Buddy Holly.