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            Texas Tech University defeated Northwestern University in Dallas in the Cotton Bowl Stadium for the TicketCity Bowl with a score of 45-38.

The Picks are looking for Ray Rush of The Roses. If anyone knows where he is, please give us a call.

Jan 5, 2011 - Max Pickering emailed from Florida. His family is also a gospel music singing group called "The Pickerings". www.pickeringministries.com.

Jan 21, 2011 - Fellow Houston musician and acquaintance of John Pickering, John Evans (former Lamar QB, lead singer for the incredibly awesome John Evan Band), and musician Hayes Carll performed the song "KMAG YOYO" on the Jay Leno Tonight Show promoting their movie,"Honkey Tonk Blood". Congratulations John and Hayes.

Jan 22, 2011 - On the Paul Berlin "Golden Oldies" radio show on KSEV, Houston, Paul played Buddy Holly's "It Doesn't Matter Anymore". Paul commented "The song  was recorded not long before Buddy made the last airplane flight - the most talked about flight in history."

Feb 3, 2011 -  2-03-1959 to 2-03-2011 Memories...

A winter blizzard covered much of the USA on the  52nd anniversary of the Holly, Bopper, Valens, Peterson  plane crash. Friday night Sonny West  performed at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa with Tommy Allsup and Flash Cadillac for the Winter Dance Party Sock Hop. Tommy was signing his book "Flip Of The Coin".

Activities held at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock

Listening to Buddy Holly and The Picks sing "Maybe Baby" on the soundtrack of "American Griffiti" in the liquor store scene.

Playing the CD of Buddy Holly and The Picks singing 9 songs on "The Chirping Crickets" 1957 LP - the only group-sound album released while Buddy Holly was alive.

Listened to author Gary W. Moore interview in Lubbock on KDAV radio on www.kdav.com. Gary is on a book tour for his book "Hey Buddy: In Pursuit of Buddy, My New Buddy John, and My Lost Decade of Music." The book is a personal chronicle of Gary's journey to discovery of Buddy Holly.

John talked to Smokin' Joe at Lubbock's KDAV-AM and thanked him for playing "Oh Boy" and "Maybe Baby" and other Buddy Holly and The Picks songs (voices of the Crickets) on his Holly tribute show. That was John's last interview.

Smokin' Joe mentioned DJ longtime friends of the Pickerings, Bud Andrews of Lubbock and Cary Hobbs of KTMP radio in Heber City, Utah.  John followed with an email to Cary.

Feb 4, 2011 - Happy Birthday to Bob Lapham of The Picks.

Articles in the Mason City Globe-Gazette about the activities at the Surf Ballroom.

"Maybe Baby" from the album "The Best of Buddy Holly" played in Ottawa by Alan Neal on All In A Day Music at www.cbc.ca/allinaday . John followed with an email to Alan.

Paul Anka was born in Ottawa and later traveled on the tour in Australia with Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Buddy had recorded a song written by Paul - "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" which was released after Buddy died.

Feb 10, 2011  - Heard Mike Del Rio's version of "Everyday" on a commercial on the History Channel.

Feb 13, 2011 - 53rd Grammy Awards in L.A. The Picks are on 9 songs on the album nominated for "Best Historical Album" - "Buddy Holly Not Fade Away: The Complete Studio Recordings and More". Several years ago John wrote a  tribute song to Buddy Holly that was  titled "Buddy Holly Not Fade Away".

Feb 28, 2011 - John Pickering of The Picks died of cardiac arrest..

Mar 1, 2011 - New CD release date for  "Buddy Holly - Icon" with The Picks singing on "Oh Boy" and "Maybe Baby".

Mar 2, 2011 -Front page of the  Lubbock Avalanche-Journal "Picks member John Pickering, a backup singer for Holly, dies in Houston" by William Kerns, A-J Entertainment Editor.

Mar 4, 2011 -  John Pickering Obituary in the Houston Chronicle.

         Visitation for John Pickering at Forest Park Westheimer Funeral Home, Houston TX 4 - 8 p.m.

Mar 5, 2011 - Private family burial of John Pickering.

Mar 6, 2011Obituary of John Pickering in Houston Chronicle. Article "Pickering, sang backup on several Buddy Holly tracks" by Jessica Faz, Houston Chronicle. Picture of 1957 Picks in Norman Petty Studio recording at microphone.

            Farewell Concert  and Celebration of Life of John Pickering. Forest Park Westheimer Funeral Home - 2 p.m.


Mar 8, 2011 - The anniversary of John Pickering's birth March 8, 1933.

Mar 9,  2011 - John Pickering Featured Life Story in www.MeM.com .

Mar 22, 2011 - Rev. Jerry Church died. He was the twin brother of 50's rocker Terry Noland (Church). Vicky had known them in public school in Lubbock. Sympathies go to Terry and family.

Mar 26, 2011 - Buddy Holly's Winter Dance Tour drummer, Carl Bunch died at age 71. Funeral will be April 3, 2011 in California. Sympathies go to Dorothy and family.

Mar 28, 2011 - The Pickering's grandson, Garrett is a published author. He writes articles and "Pick 6" for www.fantasyhockey.com.  He is a student at Denver State University. Grandson Zachary, a physics major at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, spent spring break in the USA 4 Corners area with the "Little Shop of Physics" program teaching elementary students on the Indian Reservations. http://littleshop.physics.colostate.edu.

The Pickering family would like to thank everyone for the many calls, cards, flowers and expressions of condolence in the death of John on 2-28-2011.

Mar 29, 2011 - Buddy Holly Historian, William F. "Bill" Griggs died in Lubbock Texas after a year-long illness.  The Pickering family's sympathy goes out to Sharon and family.

Apr 8, 2011 - The Pickering's daughter, Lisa Rees, is a finalists for the 2011  "Real Heroes Award" to be presented by the Richardson (TX) Coalition at the Richardson Civic Center on April 12,2011. Picture and article in the Richardson Section of The Dallas Morning News. Congratulations Lisa!

Apr 10, 2011 - Pickering's Granddaughter Jansen watched "Did You Hear About The  Morgan's?" and heard "True Love Ways".

Apr 12, 2011 - Pickering's daughter, Lisa Rees was selected by the Richardson (TX) Coalition for the award for the  2011 "Real Heroes Award" for her community service. Congratulations Lisa!

Apr 13, 2011 - Pickering's niece, Rhonda, was selected for "Teacher of the Month" in an elementary school in MS.

Apr 16, 2011 - William F. "Bill" Griggs funeral service and burial were in Lubbock, TX. Bill is buried near the Holly Family plot. The webcast video can be seen on www.memorialdesigners.net. The service began with the playing of "Maybe Baby" by Buddy Holly, The Crickets, The Picks. John Pickering was also singing on the solo "Just A Closer Walk With Thee". Bill Griggs had asked John for years to sing that song at this funeral. John always answered, "If I out live you Bill." John died one month and a day before Bill. Sharon used the CD version of the song. Music continued by Mike Pritchard, "I'm Gonna Live Forever", Buddy Holly's "Raining In My Heart", Virgin Johnson "The Lord's Prayer" and Elviis' "Someone's Watching Over Me Tonight". Speakers included Reverend Josh Reglin, Randy Steele, and Palu Bean. Paul said that "Lubbock may not have been the birthplace of rock 'n' roll, but it is the neo-natal unit that kept it alive." Burial followed at City of Lubbock Cemetery and a reception at the Buddy Holly Center. The 50s Car Club participated in the funeral procession. Bill will be missed by music fans around the world for his contribution to the history of music.

May 20, 2011 - A friend, Andy McKnight, found a picture and mention of Buddy Holly on page 22  in the GeicoNow magazine for Spring/Summer 2011.  The magazine is celebrating the Spotlight on 1936 - the year of Buddy's birth - the day the music was born.

May 24, 2011 - Lubbock musician, singer and actor, Donnie Allison, 49, died after a 4 year battle with cancer. Sympathy is sent to his widow Stephanie and family.

         Pickering's granddaughter, Jansen, and school friends were  in the Ballpark at Arlington (TX) when a tornado passed in the area. The baseball fans were ushered to safety to areas below the ball park seats.

May 26, 2011 - The Houston-area Lubbock High School Class of '55 Lunch Bunch met and there was a lot of talk about Buddy Holly and meeting this summer to see the "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" musical in Ingram, Lubbock, and Houston.

Jun, 2011 - In the June 2011 issue of The American Association of Petroleum Geologists "Explorer" magazine, John Pickeirng was listed in the "In Memory" section. The family received calls from geologists who worked with John as long as 50 years ago.

Jun 12, 2011 - Dick Stewart, Editor of the Lance Monthly stated that John Pickering will be one of the featured artists in the follow up book to "Eleven Unsung Heroes of Early Rock and Roll." http://voy.com/225774/.

Jun 20, 2011 - "Rave On Buddy Holly" CD released and features 19 tracks honoring Holly. Two of the songs "Oh Boy" and "Maybe Baby" were originally done with voices by Buddy Holly and The Picks in 1957.

Jun 30, 2011 Lubbock Avalanche-Journal article "Holly tunes get modern twist" by Chana Elgin."A group of chart-topping artists have joined to ensure the music of Buddy Holly stays alive."

         Justin Townes Earl sings "Maybe Baby" and She and Him perform "Oh Boy!" - songs on which The Picks did the original backup voices with Buddy Holly.

Jul 7, 2011 - Vicky Pickering was guest pianist at the Bayland AARP Chapter in Houston, TX for the patriotic program. Her son-in-law's father, Air Force Retired Lt. Col Ervin Rees was the guest speaker. Erv displayed memorablia from his 36 years of military service in the USA which included search and rescue missions by helicopter in Vietnam. Thank you for your service, Erv.

Jul 8, 2011 - In the San Antonio Express-News "S.A. Life" was an article "Remembering Buddy Holly in the Texas Hill Country" by Deborah Martin. Thanks to friend, Barnard Dodson for mailing the article to Vicky. It was an interview with LHS classmate of Vicky, Jim McLaughlin discussing the upcoming musical at Ingram TX. "I had forgotten how much that music was part of my life." Jim McLaughin. See July 22-23 listing.

Jul 8-30, 2011 - "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" musical was presented in the Heights in Houston, TX at the UpStage Theatre at 1703 Heights Blvd. Directed by Sean K. Thompson and Arnold Richie. Stephan Kroscecz plays Buddy Holly.  The LHS Class of '55 Houston/Southeast Texas grads  attended the musical. (Vicky and Buddy's class).

 Jul 9, 2011Vicky Pickering, son John and wife Kathy attended the musical. Invitations were extended to the Geo-Wives Organization; Reagan High School of Houston, TX Class of '51 (John Pickering's class); and Houston's First Baptist Church Covenant Keepers Bible Study Group and other friends. The late Bill Pickering's son, Bob and wife, LuAnn were in attendance. The Pickering family was introduced before the show began. They all enjoyed the show very much and enjoyed meeting with the cast after the show.  

          Congratulations to all the cast members for a great rendition of the musical. Vicky had the cast sign a copy of the 1986 LP "Buddy Holly and The Picks - The Original Chirping Sound!" -  The Voices of the Crickets  and presented them with copies of CDs of "Buddy Holly and The Picks".

          The Pickerings also toured the Heights section of Houston where John Sr. lived at one time. They dined at BerryHill Baja Grill and Cantina, follwed by a driving tour past the old location of the Berean Baptist Church where in the late 1940s and early 50s  the Pickering Family sang each Sunday and it was heard on the radio. The music programs were played for years after they moved to Lubbock. The tour continued to the John H. Reagan High School where John graduated in the class of '51. Two homes where they lived were on the next street. It was a nice evening of going down memory lane.

Jul 10, 2011 - John Pickering was one of the 9 men  remembered in a video and a program at the Deacon's Ordination and Remembrance Service  in  3 services at Houston's First Baptist Church. John served as a Deacon for 30 years.

        Grandson Jacob heard the Weezers song  "Buddy Holly".

Jul 11, 2011 - Chris Reid (Joe B. in the England "Buddy" musical) sent Vicky a video with a picture of John and The Picks (1957 in the Petty Studios). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa8FIMl0-dw&feature=youtu.be. It .    

         The picture can be seen at about 13 minutes into the video. It is narrated by Roger Rowley (Buddy in the musical) and is an interview and tour of the vast collection of Holly fan and collector, Graham Harrison of England. Thanks Chris.

Jul 12, 2011 - Buddy Holly [& The Picks] "Raining In My Heart" Audio CD with 16 songs was released on Pazzazz label.  

        On July 12-13, 1957 The Picks were in the Norman Petty Studio in Clovis, NM doing recordings. Norman said "listen to these 2 songs and see if you think you can improve either of them with backup vocals". Then he played Buddy Holly singing "Peggy Sue" and "Oh Boy!". The Picks chose "Oh Boy!". 

Jul 15, 2011 - The late Bill Pickering's  (The Picks) son, Bob Pickering came to Vicky's house and put new Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings on the guitar that was made by Travis Holley (#47) and presented to John Pickering on his 70th birthday in 2003. The Phosphor Bronze strings are very attractive on the guitar. Thanks, Bob. The guitar has a very good sound. Bob also checked the Sonny West-built guitar that John owned.

         Bob, Vicky and Lisa had lunch at Lupe Tortilla's Restaurant and found a framed copy of "Texas Monthly" October, 1995 on the wall with Buddy Holly's picture on the front cover.

Jul 16, 2011 - Vicky and daughter Lisa enjoyed a day at the movie, an art show and a  musical:  "Harry Potter" on the IMAX screen (world's largest - 6 stories tall) and in 3-D; John Ross Palmer's VIP Preview of Dublin 2011 at his Heights Studio; the "Buddy" musical at UpStage Theatre in the Heights, Houston.

Jul 17, 2011 - Vicky enjoyed seeing friends perform and in the audience at the  "Hymn Sing" - A Summer Night of Gospel Music with Gerald Ray - former music director at Houston's First Baptist Church. A program of talented musicians including Cynthia Clawson and husband Ragan Courtney, 4 grand pianos, an organ, violin, and saxophone with choir and solists. Held at First Methodist - Westchase, Houston.

Jul 18, 2011 - PT/AT son-in-law, Terry still in China with the USA Divers at the 14th FINA World Championships 2011. 

Jul 18, 2011 -  2012 Release Date for  "Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well On Ganymede. Movie teaser:  Hear "True Love Ways" and "Rave On".  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob51w9CwKvE&feature=youtube_gdata_player 

Jul 8 - 30, 2011 - On various dates, The Hill Country Arts Foundation in the Summer-Outdoors, Smith-Ritch Point Theatre in Ingram TX  presented  "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" musical. This show is billed as the world's most successful rock 'n' roll musical.

July 21, 2011 - Pickering's granddaugthter, Rylie, left for a 3-week mission trip to Minnis Bay in England. This is her second year to go.

Jul 22-23, 2011 - The Lubbock High School Class of '55 had a reunion in Kerrville, TX.  On July 23rd at the Point Theatre  in Ingram, TX they  attended the musical presentation "Buddy: The Buddy  Holly Story". Buddy, musicians, and friends, as well as Vicky were in the class of '55. Chris Huber is playing the part of Buddy Holly. See July 8th listing.

             This presentation of the musical may have set a record for the most LHS Class of '55 fellow classmates of Buddy Holly to attend a production of the musical. Over 100 attended  including Vicky, the widow of the backup singer of "The Picks" and Buddy's high school girlfriend, Echo McGuire. The classmates all responded with a big laugh when the drummer character tells the Buddy Holly character why he wants the song title changed from "Cindy Lou" to "Peggy Sue".

Jul 24, 2011 - Vicky, Lisa, Jansen, Alandra and Barnard attended  "ShowTime at the RockBox Theater" in Fredericksburg, TX. Owner and music director, Russ Hearn portrayed  Buddy Holly in the "Texas Legends" segment by singing "Peggy Sue". The show is rated the #1 Attraction in Texas.

Jul 27, 2011 - Lisa and Jansen heard "Everyday" at Target in Houston.

Jul 30, 2011 - Happy Birthday to Sonny "Oh Boy!" West.

Aug 8, 2011 - Happy Birthday to Sharon Griggs, widow of Holly Historian Bill Griggs.

Aug 9, 2011 - When Rylie called from England to Dallas, she heard her granddad singing on Buddy Holly and The Picks  "Maybe Baby" on the phone.

Aug 15, 2011 - Screen writer Joe Buchanan contacted Vicky on Face Book Chat.

Aug 17, 2011 - On Wildman Steve Radio, WLVP  91.3 FM Bethlehem, PA.  Glenna Bell was on the Big Kev show as a guest DJ. They played Buddy Holly and The Picks version of "Maybe Baby" and then Glenna and John's version of "Can't Get My Mind Off You." www.glennabell.com . Glenna discussed who John was and his singing on "Maybe Baby" and her song. Other selections were from the newly released "Rave On" CD - a compilation of various artists performing Holly tunes. Glenna said to Big Kev,  "the songs on the show ran from the 1957 'Maybe Baby' by Buddy Holly and The Picks to the 2011 release 'Rave On'. A darker side of the story - John Pickering died 2-28-11. He was someone I loved and respected. He sang backup harmony on "Can't Get My Mind Off You". The Picks were on Buddy Holly hits in Clovis, NM in the 50s when John's voice was younger - and now older on my song that we played. Thanks, Kev, for tying it all together."

          Screen writer Darrel  Wyatt contacted  Vicky on Face Book Chat.

Aug 22, 2011 - Lubbock's longtime KDAV radio station had planned a "Buddy Holly Ave. Birthday Bash" for September 9th but has been stopped with a "cease and desist" order.

Aug 23, 2011 - John and Vicky were married on August 23, 1957 - the year of The Picks work on "The Chirping Crickets" LP.

           Vicky remembered the date at a luncheon at Cavatore Italian Restaurant with about 50 of John's classmates from John H. Reagan High School in Houston. Vicky went to see the movie "One Day". Later in the day flowers were placed at John's grave.

Aug 26, 27 and September 2, 3, 2011 - "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" musical  was presented at the Lubbock High School Auditorium where Buddy and friends played on stage during their high school days of 1953 - 1955. John Pickering also sang on that stage during those years when he was a student at Texas Tech University and his future wife, Vicky was also a student at LHS.

Sep 3, 2011 - Happy Birthday to son John Victor Pickering.  Vicky and his sisters called him from Branson, MO.

        Vicky, Lisa, and Paula had  a "Girls Weekend Out" in Branson, MO. Thanks to driver, son-in-law Craig.  They enjoyed  seeing the Rankin Brothers (Matt and Mark)Show at the Mickey Gilley Theater. Enjoyed their "Buddy" set. It was good to see their parents, Larry and Sherry Rankin again. John and Bill Pickering, the Pickering Brothers duet, sang on Mickey Gilley's Houston TV Show with their 1969 country version hit of "Proud Mary". They also performed at Gilley's Club in Pasadena, TX. John performed with the Rankin Brothers at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock  at a music festival.

        They also enjoyed the musical "Noah", Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater show "Legends in Concert", and "Hooray for Hollywood.During the Labor Day weekend, it was interesting to see "The Temptations" impersonators singing "It was the 3rd of September...Papa was a rolling stone...".

        Enjoyed visiting and seeing Matt Kester, American Idol Finalist singing at Mel's Hard Luck Diner. He has a great gospel CD out.

        The Buddy Holly Center listing shows activities for Buddy's birthday week in Lubbock.  http://www.buddyhollycenter.org/specEvents/EventsPage.aspx?ID=3319 

Sep 6, 2011 - Released to coincide with the late rock 'r' roll pioneer's 75th birthday, "Listen To Me: Buddy Holly" a tribute album was made available Sept. 6. The album features covers of Holly's hits by established artists from over 3 generations of rock since Holly's time. Pat Monahan sings "Maybe Baby" which was originally released in 1957 with voices by Buddy Holly and The Picks.

Sep 7, 2011 - Buddy Holly's 75th Birthday,  9-7-1936. Beginning at 12:01 a.m. all over the world in all time zones there were celebrations of Buddy's birthdate. His music was played somewhere in the world all day. "Oh Boy!" Many "guitar-shaped" cakes were made and messages sent.

         Many Facebook messages remembered Buddy's birthday. John and Bill Pickering and many other associated musicians are in Heaven with Buddy.

         BUDDY HOLLY RECEIVES HIS STAR ON THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME - Live Feed Generously Provided by KCBD News Channel 11
         Buddy received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday, September 7th in Hollywood, California in recognition of his lasting contribution to music. The ceremony took place in front of the Capitol Records Tower at 1750 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA. Time: 1:30 PM (CENTRAL). Songmasters held the, "Ultimate Buddy Party", at The Music Box. The show was recorded for a later PBS December 2011 pledge drive along with a DVD/CD release.

           There was a full page story on Buddy Holly in today's Houston Chronicle "Star" section. Thanks to Andrew Dansby for mentioning John Pickering. It was on various web sites on the Internet. http://houstonchronicle.tx.newsmemory.com/?token=C60FtEZ%2bRr7EveCcVe38ZA%3d%3d&goTo=A01&selDate=20110427

Sep 8, 2011 - "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" musical was presented in Clovis, NM during the Clovis Music Festival at Marshall Auditorium. Internationally Acclaimed Rock 'n' Roll Musical! Clovis is the town where The Picks recorded the backup vocals on 9 of the 12 songs on "The Chriping Crickets" Brunswick LP in 1957 in the Norman Petty 7th Street Studio in Clovis, NM. Their picture is in the 7th Street Studio and soon to be in the Norman and Vi Petty Museum in Clovis. In 1987, Vicky and John helped form the Clovis Music Festival.

Sep 9, 2011 - The 1st Annual Buddy Holly Ave. Birthday Bash in Lubbock was cancelled. See August 22.

            The celebration was renamed the "Forbidden Concert". According to Maria Elena Holly's lawyer, Stephen Easley, Johnny Rogers and his band were slated to perform on September 9 at 8 p.m. outdoors in Depot Alley behind Melt at 1711 Texas Ave.

            "Bill Griggs Tribute Concert" was held in Lubbock at Pub 50. The show began at 9 p.m. and ran until 1:30 a.m. A large lineup included Jack Neal (Buddy Holly's first performing partner).

Sep14, 2011 - Correspondence with Tommy Allsup and he said he had moved to Branson, MO.

Oct 12-14, 2011 - These dates mark the 54th anniversary of  the weekend of 1957 when The Picks recorded 8 songs at the Petty 7th Street Studio in Clovis, NM harmonizing with the voice of Buddy Holly making a total of 9 of his solo songs into "the voices of the Crickets". "Oh Boy" had been recorded in July. The songs were released on November 27, 1957 on "The Chirping Crickets" Brunswick album. The Picks were not given credit on the album until the re-issue of the album on  November 27, 1987 - 30 years later.

Oct15, 2011 - On the weekend of the 54th anniversary of The Picks recording the 8 songs for "The Chirping Crickets" Brunswick album in 1957, Vicky and friend, Ada Palmer, attended an "Afternon of Escapism" at the John Ross Palmer Fine Art Studio in the Houston Heights. World-known artist, John Ross Palmer introduced the 2011 Escapists artists Nubia Gala-Seibert, Raul Gonzalez and Zak Vasquez. Escapism is not only John Ross Palmer's primary art style but also his Art Movement to forever destroy the sterotype of the struggling artist. Also John Ross Palmer unveiled a new and powerful art series, Equestrian Escapism 2011. At a gathering on the patio, Houston's legendary Kofi sang musical selections and entertained the crowd with her talent.

           Very much to the surprise of Vicky, John Ross Palmer made a presentation to her of a painting he had created this year to honor John Pickering as a selection for his "Faces" series that will be included in the book that will include several Houstonians including ZZ Top singer Billy Gibbons. John Ross used a unique-style of painting  a negative of the 1957 picture of The Picks singing around the microphone as they recorded at the Norman Petty Studio putting the "voices of the Crickets" behind Buddy Holly solos. John Ross calls the painting "Buddy Holly & The Picks". Vicky's selection as an alternate title is "Mason City and the Snow Was Afallin' Down...". When John Ross heard John's tribute song to Buddy Holly, "Buddy Holly Not Fade Away" he visualized the snow falling on the night of the deadly airplane crash. The picture represents time from August 1957 until February 3, 1959 when Buddy was killed - less than 18 months.

        Vicky gives many thanks to John Ross Palmer for the stunning painting and for his kindness to John Pickering's memory. John Pickering would have been honored to see the painting. [Note: See January 10, 2013 entry.]

Dec 10, 2011 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X21mJh6j9i4&feature=related  - Buddy Holly and The Picks are still singing "True Love Ways" on the "Don't Say No To Panda" commercials - 10,690,624 views.

         On Houston's PBS station "Buddy Holly: Listen to Me, The Ultimate Buddy Party" played at 8 and 11:30 p.m.

Dec12, 2011 - Poinsettia plants and wreath were placed on John's grave for the Christmas holiday season.

Dec 12, 2011 - John wrote a Christmas song and copyrighted it in 1990 called "Everyday (Christmas Time Will Surely Come Our Way)". He was revising it in 2010 two months before he died.  I hope you enjoy it.   

EVERYDAY (Christmas Time Will Surely Come Our Way)


(Can be sung to the tune of “Everyday” by Buddy Holly and Norman Petty)

 Everyday, it’s agettin’ closer, Goin’ faster than a roller coaster,

Christmas time will surely come our way, A-hey! A-hey-hey! 

Everyday, friends are gettin’ dearer, Old years passing, new one’s gettin’ nearer,

Christmas time will surely come our way. A-Hey! A-hey-hey!

 Everyday seems a little longer, Everyway, love’s a little stronger,

Come what may, everybody longs for Merry Christmas Day!

Everyday, life’s a little lighter, Joy and peace, and love’s a little brighter,

Christmas time will surely come our way, A-hey! A-hey-hey!

Christmas time will surely come our way.

 © 1990 Words by John W. Pickering / Revision © 2010 by John W. Pickering,

All rights reserved including international. /  John Pickering Music Co. (BMI)

11203 Sharpview Drive / Houston TX 77072-2907 / Phone: 281-498-5249 

Jpickering4@comcast.net / www.pickrecords.com / Contact: Vicky Pickering 

Dec 17, 2011 - Vicky enjoyed being a guest at a private party hosted by Ada Palmer. Vicky enjoyed talking with Ada's son, world-known artist, John Ross Palmer. They discussed the painting John recently completed of Buddy Holly and The Picks. (See above, October 15, 2011 and January 1, 2013). Vicky discussed with John the panel on the left side of the painting that looks to Vicky like an expressionists view of the plane falling and the snowstorm with the red on the bottom representing the deaths of Buddy, Bopper and Ritchie.

Dec 18, 2011 - Vicky enjoyed being a guest at the Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, TX where Bill Pickering's son, Bob, is a member of the choir. The choir and orchestra presented a very good contemporary Christmas music program. Special Guest singer was Charles Billingsley of Lynchburg, VA. Charles is an excellent singer. We found out we have mutual friends in Bev and Charles Lowry as well as Christian singer, songwriter and comdian, Mark Lowry at their church, Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg.

Dec 22, 2011  - Jan 2, 2012 - The Pickering family celebrated Christmas, granddaugthter's 15th birthday, and New Year's celebration in the Dallas area.  On the 31st, Vicky enjoyed a trip with daugthter and son-in-law to the Choctaw Casino in Durant OK. Family members heard Buddy Holly songs including at the Choctaw Casino, and at Cheddars restaurant in Dallas area they heard "Peggy Sue" and on TV saw a guitar player playing "Everyday".

Dec 25, 2011 - Merry Christmas to all!  "EVERYDAY, (Christmas Time Will Surely Come Our Way)"  

        The Pickering's grandson, Landon, received a special guitar for Christmas from his parents. It was styled by Sonny West in the fashion of guitars in the 50s playing the Rock-a-billy Sound for which Sonny is well-known.  Sonny signed the guitar to Landon. Sonny had played the guitar at Rock  shows in Spain prior to sending it to Landon  and included pictures of the event. It is a keepsake Landon will treasure forever. Thanks, Sonny.

.    Budd At any time - If you are looking for gospel or secular music to perform and/or record, please contact Vicky Pickering at John Pickering Music Company % Pick Records, Inc. 281-498-5249. John had written many songs that are in his catalog.