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April 4, 2001

The father-in-law of John Pickering and father of Vicky, Victor Billington, died in Lubbock, Texas at age 87. He had resided in Lubbock 62 years. In the 1950s he was associated in business with "Pappy" Dave Stone - owner of KDAV radio station where Buddy Holly, Bob Montgomery and Larry Welborn performed along with John Pickering and The Picks.


April 10, 2001

The son of John and Vicky Pickering, John Victor Pickering, was a contestant on the TV show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?". He and wife, Kathy, enjoyed a nice 3-day trip to New York City. John Victor was on the April 10th show when another contestant won $2.18 million dollars.


May 5, 2001

John and Vicky Pickering attended the 50th anniversary of John's high school graduation from John H. Reagan High School in Houston, Texas. John performed with the live band, The Houston Stars. After leading the high school alma mater and fight song with the 225 in attendance, John then sang alumni favorite songs from the early 50s as well as Holly music.


June 23, 2001

A Buddy Holly special was heard on Vermont Public Radio on www.vpr.net on the Joel Najman Show. The special included “The Picks” songs and information.


August 31, 2001

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of Buddy Holly's birthday, John Pickering and Bob Lapham of The Picks participated in the Buddy Holly Center "Fan Fair". They visited, signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans.


Also in attendance was Sonny West, songwriter of "Oh Boy" and "Rave On".


Representatives of the three Holly vocal backup groups of 1957 and 1958 were present including The Picks, The Tolletts and The Roses.

Following the Fan Fair,  fans enjoyed a concert hosted by John Pickering including the Rankins, many Buddy Holly associates, Holley family members, etc.


September 15, 2001

John Pickering attended the Clovis New Mexico High School 50th reunion. Although not a Clovis High School graduate, John attended school there.


A brick was placed in the Buddy Holly Center Courtyard in honor of John Pickering of The Picks.