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August 11, 2000:

In connection with the Theatre Under The Stars (TUTS) Houston, Texas production of “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story”, John and Vicky Pickering enjoyed dinner with Maria Elena Holly and board members and employees of TUTS. The production was held at the Brown Theater in Wortham Center.


August 12, 2000:

John and Vicky enjoyed seeing the musical presentation, reminiscing about the 50s when the events actually occurred. Attended the intermission reception of the founders of TUTS, and the after-play cast party, where pictures were taken with John, Vicky, Maria Elena and the cast.


August 17, 2000:

Dined at The Hardrock Cafe, across the street from the theater, where John and Vicky viewed the Buddy Holly Star and the Buddy Holly display. Afterwards, they again attended the musical, where John was introduced before the play began, signed autographs at intermission, and toured backstage and visited with cast members.